Osi Affiliate

As an affiliate you’ll earn a commission on sales, whenever you refer your friends, family, and followers to Rocked Regalia! Whether your goal is to build a retail empire, provide a well for a village, promote your own charity, or simply earn extra cash to add to your personal jewelry collection, you’ll have the opportunity to spread a message of wellness, self-empowerment, and philanthropy, while being a boss.


The concept is simple. Tell your friends and family, share on social media, be your own walking advertisement. Some of our biggest sales have happened over cocktails, lounging poolside, and at the office. So, get out, get social, and create opportunities. You’re a mobile boutique and the world is your catwalk!


You’ll enjoy the rewards of having your own philanthropically based business, without the requisite overhead, stress, and responsibility of owning one. In addition to earning a 10% sales commission, for each sales transaction you generate, Rocked Regalia will give the gift of clean water to one person in Uganda for 25 years, through the Wells of Life organization. Our average sale is $300 and takes just minutes to generate. Just a couple sales a day can easily earn you and extra $2,000.00 a month!

Refer and Earn

Doing WELL by Doing Good!


Find financial freedom while making philanthropic impact, promoting health and wellness, and inspiring stellar style!